Vanilla Tweaks Bedrock

An unofficial port of Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks for Bedrock. Check out the Credits. This project follows the MIT LICENSE. If you have any issues please don't hesitate to contact me on GitHub. All module assets (textures, icon, etc.) belong to the Vanilla Tweaks Team. Designed for 1.16 working on an update :).
Notice: Some of the packs will not work on the Education Edition
Warning: If you select packs that use the same textures files, it will pick the lowest one textures for you. You can can drag and drop the order that you want them to be into.

Please select the packs you want

  • Aesthetic

  • Terrain

  • Lower and Sides

  • Peace and Quiet

  • Utility

  • Unobtrusive

  • GUI

  • Menu Panoramas

  • Fun

  • Custom Packs

Modify Tweaks from an Previous Resource Packs

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